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The International Kite Festival kicks off on Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound & Artificial Lake in Daxi, Taoyuan, Taiwan on Oct 17

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The International Kite Festival kicks off on Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound & Artificial Lake in Daxi, Taoyuan, Taiwan on Oct 17

October 19
21:50 2020

An astronaut pilot is encountering a UFO in the busy sky of Daxi Zhongzhuang

The Taoyuan International Kite Festival kicks off on Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound & Artificial Lake in Daxi District on October 17 & 18. This is the third anniversary for this festival held in Taoyuan. City Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan is present to host this festival. Because of the pandemic, international kite flyers cannot attend this event. However, through an international cooperation, a kite in an astronaut’s shape of three stories high and another shaped in an alien spaceship of seven meters wide have been imported to Taiwan and are hovering in the sky on Zhongzhuang Landscape, meeting kites of Disney’s Angel, Stitch and Lilo.

Also airborne in the sky are the kites of the cartoon and video game characters, which are particularly favored by the young generation, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Superhero Series, Sulley. With the blue sky as the background, people in Taoyuan Xpark and Daxi Zhongzhuang can view clearly a stingray-shaped kite of 30 meters wide, a large whale-shaped kite and 12-meter Kid Scooter kite flying high in the sky. Parents and their children have been invited to come to this magnificent kite festival. Viewers are told to raise the head, admire the rich color of kites hovering in the sky, and forget about all worries.

Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan attends the kick-off ceremony of Taoyuan International Kite Festival 2020

Ad by Dept of Tourism, Taoyuan City Government

Kites in star wars fill the skies at the Taoyuan International Kite Festival 2020

Parachute- and UFO-shaped stunt kites have appeared the first time

Aside from the popular large parafoil kites, the stunt kites have become the sensation makers in this kite festival. Maneuvered in the hands of kite experts, these stunt kites are able to fly in large groups, and combine words in the sky. To coordinate with the theme “outer space” this year, there are impressive performances given with UFO-shaped stunt kites. Specific areas are reserved for the general public to fly kites and to view kites flying. In these areas, people are flying kites, and learning kite flying skills from experts. Parents and children are singing and dancing. There are safety guidelines for children to follow.

Many activities offer giveaways of small kites in limited quantity during the festival period. The Instagram Tracking offers 100 pieces at 10:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. respectively; the Aliens Visiting Taoyuan offers 50 pieces at 2 p.m.; and the DIY Painted Kites offers 30 pieces at 3 p.m.

This year the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) has collaborated with the Taoyuan City Government to help promote the kite festival. On the festival site, there is an area displaying “Flying Kites to Save Power”. Those who can succeed in passing quizzes such as what intelligent grid and wind power are, may have small kites offered by Taipower. Because Taipower joins this festival, people have a chance to understand more about power-saving.

The kites of pandemic prevention made by the Taoyuan City Government

A kite show of Star Wars

Daxi Zhongzhuang – a new mysterious in-depth attraction

Mayor Cheng has pointed out that Daxi Zhongzhuang is endowed with natural surroundings and is famous for its chives. Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound was built on a retention basin through earthworks. Three years ago, we began planning how to make Zhongzhuang more attractive to tourists. Thanks to its favorable wind direction and open terrain in this area, we held the first international kite festival, which gained great popularity. From last year’s second kite festival, we felt more passion from people for kite flying activities. Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound has naturally become a favorite place for flying kites on holidays. Surrounding Zhongzhuang Landscape Mound is a perfect bikeway which extends to the Daxi Bridge. Cycling along the way, visitors may admire Zhongzhuang retention basin, and further reach Shanzhu Lake Waterfront Park, the Yuemei Agriculture Leisure Farm and the Daxi Old Street. For people who like to enjoy ramble tours, Taoyuan Daxi Zhongzhuang is really a good attraction to experience.

Free shuttle buses served at the parking lots of the Daxi Bridge and National Defense University

To enter the festival venue, the festival operators have arranged two temporary parking lots on the Zhongzhuang north side and south side. Visitors may drive to the venue from Lane 1020 Daying Road. Since the lane is narrow, festival operators request visitors to drive with patience and give priority to pedestrians. There are free shuttle buses served at the parking lots of the Daxi Bridge and National Defense University. Shuttle buses may take you to the Daxi Old Street or Bade Pond Ecology Park.

For more information, please visit the following website: https://taoyuanevent.tycg.gov.tw/taoyuankite

You may also surf Taoyuan Tourism Guide website: https://travel.tycg.gov.tw, or join Travel Taoyuan Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/traveltaoyuan/   

60,000 visitors have swarmed into the Taoyuan International Kite Festival 2020

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/MxQCFeYMtmQ

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