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MobiusTrend: Apple, Google and WIMI Seek Opportunities in Holographic Immersive Games

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MobiusTrend: Apple, Google and WIMI Seek Opportunities in Holographic Immersive Games

August 07
00:15 2020

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research company in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Apple, Google and WIMI Seek Opportunities in Holographic Immersive Games’. Today, the entertainment consumption industry is undergoing a revolution. The updating of new media technologies and the upgrading of consuming attitudes make the immersive industry a consistent trend. In the consistently changing entertainment market, the entertainment culture shows a direction that it is increasingly multivariant, integrating, and innovative.

Nowadays, the mobile Internet push the online game becomes the primary entertainment manner for the public. Various game companies are consistent in developing new games and upload the user experience.

AR technology is also making a figure in the gaming area. Many games, for example, Harry Potter: The League of Wizards, and Pokemon Go, have added AR to their gameplay. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have had photo filters and games, equipped with AR technology. In the survey on the acceptance of AR games released by a foreign research team, 66% of game players are interested in AR games. Still, 35% of non-gamers are willing to try AR games.

Apple’s new product, ‘the Secret Oops,’ is an exciting AR spy game. Through the sharing experience function of AR Kit, players can enter the “multiplayer game mode.” With AR technology, the 3D cartoon characters can “jump” on the desktop. The cooperative game players interact in the AR virtual world and complete the “secret agent” mission through the virtual game board.

Google has also developed a game called Ingress. The particular feature of Ingress is that the game tasks need to be finished in real-world spots. Sometimes players need to walk hundreds of miles to complete a task. They may also need to fight with somebody, interact with other players, and draw many interesting patterns in the game world, making the game more attractive.

In recent years, Immersive games have penetrated each scene of the nearly 400 billion offline-entertainment market.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has its own Technology + Entertainment strategy. And it has more than 4000 holographic copyrights, which are subdivided into various industries to achieve the application scenario. Besides, WIMI mainly focuses on the key IP and completes the script acquisition, plot construction, character portrait, and holographic modeling independently. Its core competitiveness is the ability to acquire IP and content creation.

Immersive entertainment creates an emotional consumption demand. Consumers are more likely to have interactive memories, making them easy to consume again. Also, it also has its own interactivity, which enables the audience to change from passive exposure to an active experience.

The digital application of WIMI has been extended to all walks of life in the digital exhibition hall. For example, the Holographic shopping experience, the holographic live broadcast, and the holographic conference are some of the application areas.

As the increasingly diversified, the combination of scene creation and consumer shopping is becoming more closely and naturally. Offline immersive entertainment is on the rise, and many scenes need new content to establish a relationship with young customers. It is a new development direction and a significant trend in the future, with huge imagination space. Perhaps soon, the battle of entertainment means will begin.

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MobiusTrend Group is a leading market research company in Hong Kong. They have built one of the premier proprietary research platforms on the financial market, emphasizing on emerging growth companies and paradigm-shifting businesses. MobiusTrend team is professional in market research reports, industry insights, and financing trends analysis.

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