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Critically Acclaimed Author Henry White II Releases His Latest Book “Above The Veil”

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Critically Acclaimed Author Henry White II Releases His Latest Book “Above The Veil”

January 17
22:25 2022
Critically Acclaimed Author Henry White II Releases His Latest Book "Above The Veil"
This book inspires readers to work through the mental blocks that keep them from living their Best Life and to understand what is necessary for them to over the challenges in their life and move forward.

United States – Henry White II is glad to announce the launch of his latest book titled ‘Above The Veil’. The book is a collection of amazing and soulful poetry. The goal of this book is to help those who feel bogged down by negative thoughts or miseries, to overcome their mental blocks and start moving towards their dream life. It shares a new perspective on self-discovery and self-love, that will keep the readers captivated till the very end. The mesmerizing poetry collection is a reflection of the author’s natural insight and abundant wisdom and understanding of life’s challenges. The author has infused his experience about ‘a meaningful life’ in writing and curating this lovely piece. The book hit the shelves on January 18, 2022.


Henry White II, a native of Dallas, TX began writing in his teens. A graduate from the University of North Texas with BA in Journalism, White has been able to make extensive use of his education and life experience in crafting literature that speaks to the living condition. White has won awards for his poetry on the online community Fanstory.com

Dedicating this masterpiece work to his readers, Henry said, “This book is going to completely transform the people who feel they are stuck in their lives. I’ve crafted this book with such people in mind, to assist them with conquering their shortcomings and living a more fulfilling life. The book is centered around helping them reconstruct a lifestyle that is balanced, gratifying, and sustainable.”

In his debut book that promises to keep the readers engaged till the last page, Henry has explained a novel approach to “overcoming mental challenges” and reaching the life goals that one has set out for themselves.

In ‘Above the Veil’, readers will journey with the author through love, unrequited love, pain, loss, hurt, despair, depression, and ultimately hope. This collection was written over a course of many years, yet the curious aspect is the consistency of the pain and disappointment that was sustained throughout various phases in life.

The book shares some unique thought-provoking ideas and concepts about how our mindset and thinking can affect the quality of our life. According to Henry, the human condition is replete with intricacies. However, there is no special skill needed to rediscover and reinvent yourself. There is no fancy tool or equipment. All that you need is some guidance, support and self-introspection.

Readers will get to learn about the simple truths of personal development that will open their mind to what’s possible for them. They’ll uncover the various myths that block their success. These will open their eyes to the falsehoods they may be clinging to that keeps them in a state of despair. And the most exciting part is the author’s insights that will be useful to bring about the positive change in their life.

Mental health is a topic that is finally beginning to obtain the necessary attention that it has lacked throughout human history. More is now known. More individuals are seeking help. Commensurate to that are more individuals professionally equipped to aid those who are suffering.

“In my human condition, I was finally able to recognize the me I truly am. This is not a me who is grandiose or one who is self-deprecating, but rather an accurate and balanced view,” says Henry. “My life’s path has led to self-discovery, self-love, and a burning desire to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday.”

Henry believes that everyone deserves to get all the support to help them overcome the setbacks in their lives, and to start truly living instead of merely existing. “You do not have to suffer alone. There is help,” notes Henry.

Book lovers and especially those who desire self-discovery, personal development and transformation, are really going to be enlightened and empowered by adopting one or more of the applicable concepts shared in this book.

The book has received 5-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite.

About the Author

A dynamic and multi-talented personality, Henry White II enjoys doing multiple things and is brilliant at managing them all with such a finesse of a magician. He is technologist, coach, accomplished author, writer and storyteller, and a positive influencer.

With a vocational background in the technology sector, White decided to pivot his focus and embrace his love of writing. White is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. His writing weaves vivid imagery with emotional authenticity thus producing myriad topics, feelings, phases of life that are relatable to even the casual fan of poetry.

Outside of writing White has interests in sports, music, culinary arts, volunteer work, health and nutrition.

Published by UGLY Publishing, “Above The Veil” is available for purchase online on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/henry.whiteii

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