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Kinesiologist Invents Unique Method of Flexibility Training

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Kinesiologist Invents Unique Method of Flexibility Training

January 17
21:10 2022
An experienced kinesiologist has changed the face of fitness and sporting by inventing a groundbreaking method of flexibility exercises that is aimed at shaping the future of sporting.

Paul Zaichik, the founder of an emerging powerhouse brand called Easyflexibility, always loved stretching and had anexceptional background in exercise sciences, motivating him to invent the flexibility training method. 

One day, Paul’s friend, a competitive swimmer, suffered an injury which made the back of his shoulder muscles tighten. He then began trying anything that could get his range of motion back. 

Paul was watching his friend struggling to stretch the posterior deltoid one day when he noticed something; when he in the stretch and when he moved back, the stubborn muscle suddenly elongated. 

This was a breakthrough moment for Paul as utilizing his in depth knowledge of the human body, he figured out what had happened. He realized that the muscle would stretch effortlessly when its other actions wereengaged. 

From this incident, Paul developed unique stretching exercises techniques called Zaichik Stretching Techniques. However, initially the techniques were called Kinesiological Stretching Techniques before being named after the founder.