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Advances in Solid Waste Processing in 2021

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Advances in Solid Waste Processing in 2021

January 14
23:45 2022
Advances in Solid Waste Processing in 2021

The year 2021 saw the development of several new technologies to make the process of turning waste into recyclables and renewable energy more efficient and cost-effective. These developments increasingly focused on solid waste. This type of waste is easier to process and results in fewer environmental concerns, making it an attractive option for many recycling plants. In addition, new technologies have made it possible to recycle a wider range of materials.

Another encouraging piece of news is about Tajiguas landfill near Santa Barbara, CA. Santa Barbara county officials, staff, engineers, and contractors at the Tajiguas landfill gathered for the grand opening of the county’s new recycling and waste management facility. Instead of sending waste to landfills, the ReSource Center will enable the county to truck in and process its waste, turning it into recyclables and renewable energy. The facility will increase the county’s diversion rate by 60%, resulting in an overall diversion rate of 85%. By drastically reducing the amount of waste buried, the landfill’s life can be extended by a decade (the landfill was previously projected to reach capacity in the next few years).

Every day, the ReSource Center receives 600-700 tonnes of garbage and 150-180 tonnes of recyclables