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PROTAC from Creative Biolabs Assists in Novel Drug Discovery

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PROTAC from Creative Biolabs Assists in Novel Drug Discovery

December 03
22:35 2021
As the progress of drug discovery is frequently impeded by the difficulties in controlling protein activities, PROTAC from Creative Biolabs provides another solution to the problem.

New York, USA – December 3, 2021 – With the vision of backing up biological research and drug discovery, Creative Biolabs introduces the Proteolysis Targeting Chimeric (PROTAC) molecule discovery package services.

PROTAC utilizes the UPS system to participate in the degradation of disease-causing proteins. Thanks to its powerful function, PROTAC is widely recognized as a superior drug discovery supporter. In addition, PROTAC boasts other abundant advantages, such as low dosage, reduced toxicity, and prolonged pharmacodynamics effect.

The PROTAC molecule discovery service package provided by Creative Biolabs covers several aspects among which ligand design for the target protein is rated at a high level. As for the design and development of PROTAC, it’s crucial to identify a specific ligand and determine the specificity of the PROTAC molecule. Because of the usage of target ligand, PROTAC becomes advanced in offering greater degradation selectivity which means even the ligand candidate is weakly bound to the target protein, it can promote a high degree of degradation.

After realizing that ligand identification occupies an important place in PROTAC design, Creative Biolabs dedicates to offering effective and efficient ligand design services for some protein kinase targets such as BTK kinase. In view of the diversified characteristics of different proteins, this scientist team has proposed various formats of ligands for small molecules, peptides, proteins, and recombinant antibodies.

Creative Biolabs is recognized as a specialist in PROTAC techniques not only because of its ligand design but also for its development in ligand screening for E3 ligase. E3 ligase can be recruited to tag the target protein for ubiquitination and degradation through the proteasome. Various E3 ligase binding moieties have been reported and Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive series of ligand screening services for E3 ligase. “We can tailor ligand screening services in accordance with customers’ needs. Meanwhile, there are ligand products in stock available for our clients,” a scientist of Creative Biolabs replied in an interview.

Linker design and optimization, PROTAC structural modification are also Creative Biolabs businesses. On the one hand, Creative Biolabs develops several types of linkers and is able to optimize the length and position of it to achieve perfect interaction between the target protein and E3 ligase. On the other hand, Creative Biolabs can give a hand with structure modification to get optimal PROTAC molecule.

“The PROTAC solution from Creative Biolabs covers a series of services. Customers and clients can choose one or the whole package according to their requirements,” the technician added.

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs is a renowned biotechnology and service provider for pharmaceutical companies. With groups of experts devoting to offering efficient and customized products, it has served numerous clients and is highly praised worldwide.

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