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Country Rapper SERMON PREACH is Winning Hearts around the World with His Music

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Country Rapper SERMON PREACH is Winning Hearts around the World with His Music

September 21
16:20 2021
Rapper, Singer and Songwriter SERMON PREACH is working hard to produce music that will rock the music charts across the globe.

NEW YORK, NY, USA – SERMON PREACH, the rising rapper, singer, and songwriter from Brooklyn, New York, is thrilling the world of music with some of his hit singles Texas Cowboy, Hallelujah Man, Fuels My Rage XVII and Reach A Goal.

Early life

SERMON PREACH was Born on October 29, 1995 in Brooklyn, New York. The youngest child of 2 siblings including him and his other unnamed older sibling. He is of Jamaican American ancestry. SERMON’s religious faith is Christian. He was first introduced to rap music by his older unnamed sibling at the age of eleven when she noticed he had an obsession for rhyming words.

The First Rap Artists that SERMON PREACH was heavily influenced by and first introduced to were T.I., Ludacris, Lil Wayne and Birdman from Cash Money records.

SERMON PREACH states that in his childhood he was a victim of bullying during his time in early schooling. While being a student in middle school and high school, he would get bullied while sitting in the school cafeteria. He states that being bullied by the kids in school would later make him become fearless and make him develop a thick skin to deal with criticism in his later life.

“Music played a pivotal role when I suffered from depression or rage. I would listen to music to relax and free my mind,” remembers SERMON PREACH. “Music was my escape from the harsh reality of life during my rough childhood. Those time periods and experiences had a huge impact on the kind of music I would later on make. I like to make friendly and upbeat music catering to people of all ages.”


In July 2021, after decades of writing and perfecting his musical sound, SERMON PREACH decided to take his passion for music seriously, and released the following songs Texas Cowboy, Hallelujah Man, Fuels My Rage XVII and Reach A Goal. These songs are a good sign of what’s to come from him in the future.

Dedicating his popular tracks to his fans, SERMON PREACH said, “I would like to thank my fans and well-wishers for all the appreciation and love my songs have received. It really feels phenomenal and surreal. I would also like to thank my supporters who stood by me during my low times. Music is my life and I put my heart and soul in every song I create.”

SERMON PREACH works hard to ensure musical delight on all his projects and this reflects in his music. All the songs he has produced so far have become popular with the youth across the globe. The songs show his diversity and versatility as an artist. This is the kind of music that is truly authentic & timeless. His music has memorable riffs, deep lyrics and outstanding beats to go along with catchy melodies. He has the ability to weave magic with his voice and music that can touch the depths of one’s soul.

“It was not easy for someone with a troubled childhood to come this far. It was challenging, but I was determined not to give up. I had complete faith in my music and my talent,” notes SERMON PREACH. “I knew I just had to work hard, produce great music and share it with the world. And it worked, slowly and steadily. My music was getting recognized. I received a lot of positive feedback, which encouraged me to keep producing good tracks.”


SERMON PREACH is a rapper, singer, and songwriter whose lyrics explore themes of motivation, hustling, luxury and self-Help. Taking inspiration from musicians of past and present SERMON’s lyrics are reflective of his life experiences delivered with a powerful voice that comes from the soul. Be on the lookout for future projects from SERMON PREACH as he continues to perfect his artistry.

For booking information, features and other inquires, send an email or reach out via SERMON PREACH’s social media profiles – Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Soundcloud.

Social Media

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sermonpreach

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sermonpreach

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SERMONPREACH

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/sermonpreach

Media Contact
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
Website: https://www.SERMONPREACH.com/

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