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Calling of Ancestors: DNA Testing Reveals Forgotten Family Secrets

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Calling of Ancestors: DNA Testing Reveals Forgotten Family Secrets

July 22
00:00 2021
(Kindle Single launches July 20, 2021)
An enthralling exploration of race and humanity based on advanced genealogical research and genetic testing

July 21, 2021 – Seasoned Philadelphia author F. Kennerly Clay introduces her new regional biographical memoir, an Amazon Kindle Single titled Calling of Ancestors: Finding Forgotten Secrets in My DNA. The book is based on the author’s discovery of family secrets sprung from slavery in Eastern North Carolina in 1808, as revealed by her genetic ancestry and through genealogical research. Improved modern-day DNA testing helped her to uncover stories never known in her family lineage, provoking an inquiry into deep-rooted biases within her family and herself.

Genetic ancestry has long been a fascinating topic yet only a handful of families had the privilege of tracking their lineage in history before affordable genealogical research and DNA tests were introduced. Kennerly was always intrigued by her family history, but DNA testing unlocked more mysteries than she could have imagined. Calling of Ancestors: Finding Forgotten Secrets in My DNA is the fruit of the three years she dedicated to uncovering long-lost ancestral stories that would not have been known or revealed had she not dug deeper into historical facts and records.

“My DNA and genealogical discoveries have coincided with heightened racial tension and re-examination of our American history and its implications for today,” says Kennerly. “I now have such a profound appreciation for my lineage and the role that every single generation has played in my being here.”
The book portrays Kennerly’s captivating journey since the DNA test and the author’s unique ability to self-reflect and analyze, particularly around issues of modern-day racism and the legacy of slavery. The author invites readers to consider the effects of transgenerational trauma originating from slaves as well as slave-owners, that continue to plague modern-day families.

Kennerly believes insights gathered from her genealogical research and sharing of her story will continue to shed light on the source of prevailing racial tensions in the United States and help readers come to terms with the ugly effects of slavery that persist in the form of racial discrimination.

About F. Kennerly Clay

Kennerly is an accomplished writer who has published in major U.S. newspapers and magazines as well as websites and electronic media on a broad spectrum of topics that range from travel and tech to health and relationships. She is currently writing a memoir, Letters from East of Nowhere: Daddy’s Words to Live, Drink & Die By.

For more details on Calling of Ancestors by F. Kennerly Clay, visit the Amazon listing here.

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