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Two Singer/Songwriters From The Rural South Haven’t Just Created A Moment – They’ve Started An Entire Movement For World Peace.

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Two Singer/Songwriters From The Rural South Haven’t Just Created A Moment – They’ve Started An Entire Movement For World Peace.

January 22
18:20 2021

Up against the most pivotal moments of adversity and the challenges  faced throughout history, music & art have been essential to the healing process by detailing everyone’s experiences, providing catharsis, and revealing the path towards a brighter future.  With 2020 being a year filled with hardships caused by the global pandemic, true leadership has been needed now more than ever before, to remind individuals that they’re all in this together – and that with the strength and unity they share through light, love, & hope, they will “Rise Up,” and shall overcome.

The duo of RJ Adams & James Eudy chose to speak up when it was needed most, for the greater good.  In creating their new single “Rise Up,” they focused solely on writing a powerfully memorable anthem that would serve as a genuine call to action – a song that was truly capable of moving hearts & minds.

Through the remarkable passion in Eudy’s guitar, to the stunning soul in RJ’s vocals, together they went all-in on working tirelessly around the clock to create a sensory moment in time in music that listeners could both feel & relate to, in a sincere effort to unite the world through a song that authentically feels like it has lived inside each & every one all along.  While amazing tunes have always come naturally to the pair, who have been playing professionally together since 2003 – getting “Rise Up” to come out as bold, empowering, and impactful as it could potentially be, was of the utmost importance from day one.  Songs designed to change the world don’t come along every day – RJ & James had to get this 100% right.

Filled with inspired sound and altruistic purpose, they refined “Rise Up” into a perfectly humble and immaculately down-to-earth representation of the sentiments in their mission from the very beginning; for James & RJ, it’s always been about bringing people closer together through the joy of making music.  At a time where division threatens to tear the world apart now more than ever before, they display the true potential of  shared humanity in the purest form by sounding more unified than ever before, and through the commitment, dedication, & understanding they bring to their latest single, “Rise Up” is guaranteed to encourage others around the world to follow their example, and join them on their quest.  The power to generate meaningful change has always been in the hands of the people – RJ and James have written “Rise Up” to show their full support providing the official anthem to the soundtrack of a better tomorrow that’s starting right here & now – a peaceful future that everyone can all enjoy together, as one.

Out and available online on all major platforms, including the spectacularly moving video shot for their latest single – “Rise Up” has already become so much more than just a mere moment – it’s a movement.  Bringing people together from all walks of life across the globe to celebrate unity, peace, and the shared gift of  humanity, “Rise Up” is the song 2020 truly needed to confirm there are brighter days coming.  If everyone “Rise Up” and stand together, they can be the change  needed – join RJ Adams and James Eudy as they share their brand-new single with the world, and inspire all to be the best they can possibly be.

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Rise Up “Official video” https://youtu.be/2buqKMzMLCM

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