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Books of Author Rosalie Lauerman – Stories That Should Never Be Forgotten Find a Voice

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Books of Author Rosalie Lauerman – Stories That Should Never Be Forgotten Find a Voice

December 30
18:15 2020

Rosalie Lauerman is a multi-award winning, self-published author with a passion for writing and research. Based in Illinois with her husband, she has completed two books to date, both of which have been recognized at the highest level. “Lost Stories of the Great War” is a moving account of some of the harrowing, inspiring, and thought-provoking moments of World War One which many have forgotten. It received an Independent Publisher’s (IP) Bronze Medal for its contribution to the community. Her first book, “Jockey Hollow” explores a little-known Revolutionary War encampment. This book also received a prestigious IP Bronze Award.

By bringing these unique events to life in a readable and effortless style, Lauerman has breathed new life into some of history’s most moving episodes. Time to learn more about her approach and why she decided to take it.

“Some time ago, I read an article about the “Hello Girls” of World War One. Their story lingered in my thoughts until I felt compelled to research and write the whole story. The research led to other amazing WWI events. The Great War was global, static, and remorseless in so many ways. But I wanted to show the human side of the conflict, the less-well-known events and interactions that folks at the time thought would never fade from the collective memory of society.”

Interesting, so how did she decide which parts of the conflict to focus on?

“I first want to say that I do not intend “Lost Stories of the Great War” to be an exhaustive account of all of the unsung heroes whose heroic actions have faded from memory. There were many. What I want to do is shine a light on the most surprising and inspiring stories of brave souls who I couldn’t forget. The “Hello Girls” story is so remarkable because these young women volunteered to go to the front line of battle as telephone operators at a time when women did not even have the right to vote. The book reveals their story and other captivating, poignant stories of heroism, surrounded by a summary of the war. It’s the perfect jumping off point for readers to choose where their interests will lead them-individual heroes, battles, the politics of war, or other directions.”

A unique approach to history, so what is the one thing she wants a reader to take away from her work?

“We must never forget our veterans. From the artists who sketched scenes on the battlefield to the African Americans who fought side by side with the French infantry, all gave up the safety and security they enjoyed with their family back home to fight for a greater cause. For that they deserve our enduring respect. Moreover, every ordinary individual who stepped up to help the war effort was a hero, including folks like those on the home front who planted war gardens.”

To embrace a unique period of history unlike any other, visit Amazon.com today and enjoy a book that gives a voice to stories that should never be forgotten.

Lauerman’s first book, Jockey Hollow, can be bought at Amazon.com as well.

Rosalie Lauerman can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances at the addresses below.

Website: www.rosalielauerman.com

Email: [email protected]

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