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Virus-like Particles Production in Plants Now Available at Lifeasible

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Virus-like Particles Production in Plants Now Available at Lifeasible

October 31
13:10 2020

New York, USA – October 30, 2020 – Scientists in need of production service using plant-based system now have access to Lifeasible’s all-round virus-like particle production package from initial construct design, expression, purification, and characterization.

Virus like particles (VLPs) are large particles assembled from one or several structural proteins of multiple viruses. They do not contain viral nucleic acid, cannot replicate autonomously, and have an overall structure similar to virus particles. Because of its high safety, VLPs are similar in structure to virus particles, and can stimulate the effective response of the immune system in the same way as virus particles. In the past two decades, they have been used in human and veterinary vaccines and drug delivery systems. Applications are getting more and more attention. Since the 1980s, more than 100 types of VLPs have been prepared and identified.

Plants provide an attractive alternative system for VLP vaccine production because of their ability to produce large amounts of recombinant proteins at low cost, their use in eukaryotic processing machines for protein post-translational modification and correct assembly, and low-risk pathogens introduced into adventitious humans.

Lifeasible is a world-class plant technology company, who has lots of experience on production of customized recombinant proteins using plant-based system. The company uses two main methods for production of VLPs in plants: stable transformation of nuclear or viral transient infection. The development of plant virus-based transient plant expression systems has overcome the challenges of VLP production speed and yield. And the issue of plant-specific glycans has been successfully resolved by the development of transgenic plant lines with “humanized” glycosylation pathways.

Lifeasible’s advantages:

• Low cost;
• High scalability;
• Increased safety;
• Time efficient;
• Proper eukaryotic protein modification and assembly;
• Specific glycoforms for better immunogenicity.

“As a world-class plant technology company, we focus on the rapid development and production of customized recombinant proteins using plant-based system. You will benefit from our one-stop services from gene synthesis, vector construct, plant transformation, to protein purification,” commented the official speaker from Lifeasible.

More information about the Virus-like Particles Production in Plants service can be viewed here: https://www.lifeasible.com/custom-solutions/plant/protein-expression-in-plant-system/virus-like-particles-production-in-plants.

About Lifeasible

As a biotechnology company, Lifeasible is specialized in agricultural science, offering a wide variety of agro-related services and products for environmental and energy solutions. Lifeasible now leverages the expertise and strengths of each to create its unique platform that is accessible to all leaders working in agriculture, botany, biology, ecology and environmental science.

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