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TailorInsight: Hologram AR, another Super Tuyere, Contains Huge Opportunities for WIMI

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TailorInsight: Hologram AR, another Super Tuyere, Contains Huge Opportunities for WIMI

October 15
01:55 2020

Hong Kong – TailorInsight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report ‘Hologram AR, another Super Tuyere, Contains Huge Opportunities for WIMI’. WIMI Hologram Cloud is attracting a lot of attention in the market. The company’s announcement about 5G technology to help its holographic technology expand the market has attracted widespread attention. WIMI plans to use AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology as core technologies to support the holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications through multiple innovative systems. It is expected that once the 5G network begins to expand to more areas, then the commercial use of holographic technology will obtain huge benefits.

Another reason is that Jack Ma and Elon Musk appeared at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, bring substantial benefits to the hologram AR industry.

A few days ago, at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) Cloud Summit, due to the impact of the epidemic, the conference was conducted for the first time using technologies such as human holographic projection and real-time 3D cloud guest experience. Among them, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, and Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, used holographic projection to connect video conferences, and the application of holographic technology also stimulated the funds to pay attention to the concept of holography to some extent.

Founded in 2015, WIMI Hologram Cloud is a holographic solution provider. Its holographic service products are mainly based on AR (augmented reality), including two major business segments, AR advertising and AR entertainment. At present, with the development of display technology, computer processing capabilities and the Internet, the holographic technology of WIMI has been applied in various fields such as social contact, education, entertainment, medical treatment, military, home, industry, tourism, e-commerce and so on.

Recently, WIMI announced its expansion to the semiconductor field. WIMI established a joint venture to carry out the semiconductor chip business. It is reported that the semiconductor industry application demand in the field of holographic 3D vision is growing rapidly, so the company is trying to extend from the application layer to the chip field, through the strategic direction of combining software and hardware solutions of holographic 3D vision, namely, to upgrade to the semiconductor industry strategically.

According to the financial data, WIMI business began to expand gradually in 2017, with revenues of 29 million US dollars, 33 million US dollars, and 46 million US dollars respectively in 2017-2019, with the growth rates of 17% and 41%, respectively, showing an accelerating momentum. In terms of net profit, it was 11 million US dollars, 13 million US dollars, and 15 million US dollars respectively from 2017 to 2019.

What the market is most concerned about is the company’s profitability. From 2017 to 2019, the company’s gross profit margins were 58.77%, 62.08%, and 54.21%. Meanwhile, its net sales margins were 38.19%, 39.6%, and 32.02%. From the fact that its gross profit margin has been maintained at around 60% and its net profit margin has been stable at 40%, it can be seen that the overall profitability is still good.

Among them, the revenue generated by the AR holographic advertising service of WIMI Hologram seems to be far ahead of its peers in traditional digital advertising.

WIMI will keep a leading position in the augmented reality (AR) market for a long time. Zion Research, which is increasingly using augmented reality for a variety of purposes, expects the global augmented reality (AR) market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of over 63 percent by 2025.

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