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How a Minnow Can Attract the Sharks. A LinkedIn Exercise

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How a Minnow Can Attract the Sharks. A LinkedIn Exercise

June 25
11:55 2020
“How am I going to get discovered while swimming in a sea of millions of other job seekers?”

June 25, 2020 – Let’s dive right in. So recent events have caused your social profile to read “Seeking New Opportunities.” Listed aside your name is an outdated profile picture followed by a last-minute effort to spruce up your bio.  But as we both know, simply updating your profile photo won’t attract recruiters and potential employers. However, having a photo rather than not does increase profile views by 14 times. The question you are now asking yourself is, “How am I going to get discovered while swimming in a sea of millions of other job seekers?” The answer may surprise you.

You probably already know that employment recruiters are very social people. But were you aware that 95% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn as a major source of finding the right candidate? Furthermore, over 68% of employers use social media to screen potential employees. Sounds like an easy game plan, right? Just put up a LinkedIn page and I’m all set. Not quite. First, we need to put into perspective what your true challenges are. If you are currently unemployed, you are also competing with the over 80% of currently employed LinkedIn members who have set their profile status to “Open to new job opportunities.” 

If you want to attract the sharks, you’re going to have to put blood in the water. There is only one of you, but there are millions of other candidates. If you are waiting to be found in that pile of applicants, it may take longer than you first expected. So, let’s reverse the process. There are well over 150 million LinkedIn users in the United States alone. Thinking outside the box is a requirement if you want to stand out. Understanding the logistics is crucial. So how do you achieve this?

For starters, begin to reach out to recruiters and decision makers rather than waiting for them to find you. Be sure to find individuals that specialize in your niche industry. LinkedIn has over 90 million senior-level influencers and over 60 million decision makers that use the platform regularly. Make it a key initiative to find the recruiters and decision makers in your industry that align with your end goal. This is an advantage that you will have in your favor. Remember, a majority of candidates that you are competing with are simply applying to positions and hoping an algorithm magically sets them apart from other applicants. By first connecting with the key players involved, you will increase your chances of getting on their radar. 

Next, refine your profile to be as specific as possible. LinkedIn has 35,000 skill sets. Limit your skills to only those that apply to the role you are currently seeking. Imagine yourself as a website. What keywords would you want people to type into their search bar to find your resume? Five to ten skills should be sufficient in helping the right individuals and opportunities to find you. LinkedIn users with at least five selected skills receive more than 16 times the profile views and are 31 times more likely to be messaged than those that neglect this key step.    

In addition to networking and selecting your skills, be sure to be straight forward and to the point. Consider each section of your LinkedIn profile to be expensive real estate. Don’t assume that one section holds more search result authority than another. A Human Resource Manager may take more interest in your work history while a recruiter may discover you using a whole different set of criteria. 

Statistics vary on this one, but as few as only 1% of LinkedIn members reach out and share with their network. You have built your network. Use it. Remember, LinkedIn is a social platform of likeminded business professionals. Whether you share your current employment status or you simply share an article that you found interesting, this step will increase your profile views. Yes, it’s against our nature  to want to tell people that we are unemployed. However, this is an exercise in reversing the process. A combination of all these little steps will result in the engagement of the right people.         

Worldwide, LinkedIn has over 20 million employment listing. Over 30 million companies participate on the social platform. The average CEO has over 900 connections and recruiters on average surpass that number. The reason I rattle off these statistics is simple. It only takes one or two individuals with the right connections and correct timing to have an employment opportunity present itself. Whether you are seeking a role in the restaurant industry, hospitality or in construction, today you are a Sales Professional. Your goal in this exercise is to sell yourself. Best wishes to you in your employment search. I know your best opportunity is right around the corner.

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