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The world’s top quantitative trading platform – AICOIN exchange

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The world’s top quantitative trading platform – AICOIN exchange

March 10
04:15 2020


In order to lead the blockchain revolution and boost the development of crypto-currency, the international top quantitative trading team, together with senior practitioners, created the world’s top intelligent quantitative trading platform for block chain assets, AICOIN EXCHANGE. Base on the environment of domestic and international cryptographic digital currency market, as well as exchange development trend, Aicoin advantages, we use the most important security technology, quantitative strategy, technical framework, market node and founding team, and other multiple  dimensions to help user’s understand our platform!

In the past two years, the blockchain technology has developed substantially. Digital asset market based on the underlying technology of blockchain such as bitcoin and ethereum has also experienced explosive development. However, the booming cryptocurrency market has no matching financial market infrastructure. In the future, blockchain-based digital currency and its derivatives market have great potential. The feature is net inflow increase of user’s base and venture capital.

The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and other international organizations, as well as United States, United Kingdom, Japan and other developed countries have been paying close attention to the development of blockchain and actively exploring the application of blockchain technology in various fields. China, Russia, India and other countries have also launched blockchain technology research. Currently, blockchain has been included in China’s 13th five-year plan and has become a national strategic development priority.

AIcoin currently provides investment and financing integration services for high net worth users.It is positioned as a safe, convenient and reliable high-end block chain ecological community. It provides wealth management solutions for a growing number of digital asset holders; It is for enterprises, institutions and other users to provide a complete digital asset security storage solutions. Different from traditional finance, AIcoin focuses on the digital asset market, relies on the financial inclusion ability of block Chain technology and the world’s leading Higgs Chain high-performance block Chain network, and extends its service to enterprises, institutions, merchants and other digital asset participants.

With its innovative technology and continuously improved service system, AIcoin is helping to build a powerful global financial transaction service complex through the integration of global financial derivatives and digital asset trading platforms.However, there is still a lack of a product on the market that can effectively meet the needs of these enterprise customers for the secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies. Market lack of enterprise – level cryptographic digital currency full storage scheme!

There is a lack of wealth management platform for digital assets in the market, and there is hardly a wealth management platform to activate digital assets in wallet. In addition, many investors want to subscribe to high-quality ico projects to achieve the goal of rapid wealth appreciation. However, the market has not yet formed a credible digital asset issuance mechanism, before the emergence of Aicoin, there is not a mobile digital asset quantitative management application to solve the above problems.

Between 2014 and 2018, more than a dozen exchanges and wallets, including Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, OKCoin and Bitstamp, were stolen in just four years. The loss of users’ assets caused by the loss of private keys, disclosure and account theft is astronomical. The issuers of each public block chain and other digital assets all focus on developing their own projects independently. However, these various assets or tokens do not have a common carrier and entry, and the transfer process of assets is complicated. The digital assets that should be safe and convenient are even less convenient than traditional finance。

AICOIN exchange is a quantitative trading platform dedicated to building the world’s top five exchange platforms. As a service system featuring innovative technology, security, high efficiency and continuous improvement, AICOIN contributes to the integration of traditional financial derivatives and digital asset trading platforms worldwide. Open to global users. Team members from Europe’s top quantitative trading team, together with blockchain senior practitioners, created a platform focusing on the exchange and exchange of blockchain assets.

Aicoin has multiple advantages and highlights:

The world’s first Ai intelligent quantitative return model: it is a new digital currency financial derivatives trading system, which is simple, flexible and highly operable.

Diversity of trading methods: all aspects of professional risk management strategies for all investors in high-risk markets.The trading results are determined by global market factors, and the calculation parameters are derived from Aicoin and other four major global exchanges

The most important security technical support: the underlying technology guarantees the data security;Two-factor account verification system;Cloud shield detection and early warning system;Cold and hot wallet separation encryption;Double database cross-validation.

Enterprise services: Aicoin is the world’s first enterprise encryption Aicoin full storage solution, and enterprise cryptocurrency hardware cold wallet, focused on serving enterprise customers.

Cross-chain wallet technology :Aicoin innovatively USES lightning network 2.0 and smart contract technology to achieve the safe transfer and settlement of cross-chain assets.

Enterprise level secure storage solution :Aicoin provides customers with the most secure cryptocurrency storage solution.Aicoin is based on the enterprise class cryptocurrency cold wallet developed by itself. In the future, it will encrypt the hot wallet, separate the cold and hot ends, sign the seven-fold multi-dimensional signature, face/iris recognition, and encrypt the smart terminal card.

Decentralized OTC transactions: the underlying HiGGS blockchain platform of Aicoin can provide users with decentralized OTC transactions through powerful intelligent transaction matching algorithms.

Core idea: our mission is to make the world invest fearlessly.

AiOS is designed to retain all the core features of bitcoin, retain the most valuable parts of the system, and deliver low-cost value as the essence of a trust network.

The common lightning network communication protocol of heterogeneous block chain.

Alcoin defines an abstract value transfer scheme based on cross-chain technology that is compatible with mainstream blockchain protocols

• the original value chain lock

Aicoin has developed smart locking contracts for different blockchain implementations.When the user establishes the lightning network channel, the lock smart contract of the original chain will be executed first.

• Aicoin value extraction

The value locking contract of the original chain will trigger the intelligent contract of value extraction performed by Aicoin, and the value extraction contract will touch the double-entry bookkeeping in the Aicoin system, which can accurately and conveniently record the assets of the users in the original chain.

• security funds

Aicoin, based on multi-signature and cold wallet technologies, provides a strong guarantee for the security of funds on users’ original chain.For the foreseeable future, Aicoin will continue to upgrade and reinforce security measures to protect users’ money from security risks posed by hardware or software updates such as quantum calculators and distributed brute force cracking.

Fast, low-cost transactions: users can transfer value in milliseconds with Aicoin without paying fees.It also supports efficient OTC transactions

Global node layout: Aicoin adopts mixed currency technology.Mixed-currency technology is based on the principle of grouping transactions together to create joint payments.Coinjoin-based CoinJoin method increases the privacy of all users, thus ensuring the anonymity and encryption of Aicoin users’ private information.These nodes are important to the health of the entire Aicoin ecosystem, allowing clients to synchronize and quickly broadcast information across the network.

Core team members

CEO – Igor lawsey

The founder of aicoin, Graduated from the university of Pennsylvania,a venture capitalist, once worked as an arbitrage manager in worldquant enh one ef the institutional investors of exante, the world’s first bitcoin eempliance fund. 

CTO – Aaron LI

Responsible for the technical and operational functions of aicoin and familiar with the North American financial system. Master’s degree from Royal Swedish Institute of technology and EMBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics.

CMO – Jamex William

The implementation of the strategic business and capital development plan, previously served as the chief nperatinp effieer of a bank credit alternative asset management nempaey, with an EMBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics. Drives for Industry Traffic.

CFO – Terry Eagleton

He has been outstanding in the field of financial investment for many years. He has an honorary bachelor’s degree in accounting. 

AICOIN is the world’s first quantitative trading platform for blockchain assets, which has been funded by the world’s top quantitative team shikun investment. The MSB license of Singapore has entered the final approval process. AICOIN is the future.We will create a unique trading model so that everyone can become an entrepreneur and achieve financial freedom, and Fred will work with AICOIN and do his best!

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