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X-MOS:The Road of Wealth with Public Blockchain

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X-MOS:The Road of Wealth with Public Blockchain

March 04
03:35 2020

Industry restructured by technology will never rest. Commerce restructured by industry will never die.

Under the restructuring of the internet, eco-industries with high return such as adverts and games become internet adverts and internet games; likewise, restructured by blockchain, they are turned into blockchain adverts and blockchain games. All of these industries will be empowered by blockchain with advantages including “decentralization, openness, tamper-proofing and anonymity”. The reconstitution of current commercial mode configuration will trigger a boom in growth.

Now, a brand-new smart finance ecology named X-MOS will integrate stable coins, cross-border payment, exchange, the Internet of Things, adverts, games and other eco-industries based on mainstream public blockchain and bottom cross chain protocol, to break down the data island of traditional industries and realize the prosperity of blockchain ecology on level term.

For example, X-MOS will create an electronic M-VISA card for cross-border payment with cryptocurrency by BTOB Connect network. With the lightning network technology and cross chain data transmission technology, M-VISA card will reshape the borderless payment system.

According to Iresearch, as of 2023, by virtue of blockchain, the foregoing traditional market will have an increase of 3.658 billion USD and the overall operation cost will be reduced by 0.48%. With cost reduction, a profit increase of about 29.8 billion USD will be achieved. Internet magnates such as Alibaba and Tencent have successively tapped into the blockchain market.

X-MOS does not simply restructure one single public blockchain. It integrates the advantages of multiple public blockchains and cross chains. In line with the blockchain technology, it carries the technology forward in the global layout of eco-industry. In analogous to Tencent QQ that rose in market by instant messaging, though the messaging technology brought tremendous user base to QQ, the monthly serving hosting fee was also too much for Tencent to bear. Therefore, the profit model in QQ started with the internet adverts. It was from then on that Tencent has begun to earn like crazy as the registered users boomed. Successively, Tencent has launched WeChat, Tencent Finance, Tencent Games and Tencent Internet of Things, with a net profit of more than 6.683 billion USD.

At present, Tencent has become a world famous internet company, with corporate businesses all over the world.

Sponsored by MOS Foundation and supported by global communities across the world, X-MOS has earned a place in the adverts market of 700 billion USD. With the expansion and development of blockchain adverts ecology restructured by X-MOS, a growing and sustainable earnings will cycle in X-MOS, transfusing new blood to the ecology of it.

X-MOS is committed to offering financial return to every smart contributor. On X-MOS, every participant gets involved in a democratic and equal way. The communication and cooperation of all parties become more spread, transparent and efficient. Moreover, X-MOS makes the platform management transparent and flat, because transparent management lowers the cooperation cost of all parties and flat management reduces levels so as to uplift operation efficiency.

X-MOS has established operation centers across the globe and also set up offices in London UK, Virginia US, etc. X-MOS will continue to expand the border of blockchain like a dark horse and expect for a great future!

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