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Meet Kris Degioia, the Quintessential Woman of Influence Who Survived Cyber Stalking and Domestic Violence

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Meet Kris Degioia, the Quintessential Woman of Influence Who Survived Cyber Stalking and Domestic Violence

March 02
11:15 2020

Dallas, TX – Mar 2, 2020 – Kris Degioia inadvertently gained celebrity status when she went public with her case in 2015 and started the “Know It, Name It, Stop It” tour. She became a victim of cyberstalking in 2010 when it wasn’t a thing back then. She literally put the name with the crime. Also, she’s one of the first federal documented cyberstalking cases. In 2019, she tried to leave an abusive marriage, only a month after the wedding, the very first time she was hit. Degioia isn’t just a victim of both cyberstalking and domestic violence, she single-handily changed laws two different times in less than a decade.

Cyberstalking and domestic violence are great scourges in our society today.  Cyberstalking or online harassment is not different from stalking. Many people think that stalking happens to celebrities alone, but in reality, it can happen to anyone. Any persistent and unwanted attention making anyone feel pestered and harassed is considered to be stalking. It includes behavior that occurs repeatedly that is directed at or towards an individual by another, which cause them to feel uneasy or be overwhelmed by fear of violence being used against them. Kris Degioia is a victim of both cyberstalking and domestic violence but came out as a survivor and now a stronger and better version of herself.

Most people, at least those who have never experienced it, may not take the issue of stalking seriously, but it is actually a great problem calling for attention. What makes it particularly difficult to cope with is the fact it continues for a long time, making the victim always feel afraid and anxious. In some cases, the problem can gradually build up and it can take a while for the victims to realize that they are caught up in the web of a constant campaign of abuse. The problem created by stalking is not always physical, it can also affect the victim psychologically. Cyberstalking is done via social media and the internet, and it can be just as intimidating.

Degioia was a victim of domestic violence, she was brutally beaten in 2019 and survived the cruel ordeal. She has also been a cyber-stalking victim known for fighting back. She fought back against the justice system and fought for domestic violence laws, making her one of the ‘Top 10 Women to Follow Globally.’ Degioia won 12 of ‘The Women of Influence Awards for 2019’. The award is known for recognizing and celebrating exceptional women who have dedicated time and energy to create real change in their industry and communities and are using their influence to achieve great things.

Degioia is a born-survivor who has been mold into a strong, fearless woman by her experiences. She’s also a frontrunner in the fight against cyberstalking. She founded ‘Cryptic’ a group comprising of former bullying victims who are united by a common goal to fight against cyberstalking. She is also the Founder of WTF Multimedia, a marketing firm that is committed to helping businesses grow. Degioia is enlisted as ‘Forbes Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategist’ and ‘Forbes Top 50 Social Media Marketer’.

To learn more about Kris Degioia, visit https://www.krisdegioia.com/.

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