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Viet Cong Redefined In New Book By Ohio Soldier

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Viet Cong Redefined In New Book By Ohio Soldier

February 27
15:35 2020
“Unbreakable Hearts: A True, Heart-Wrenching Story About Victory… Forfeited!”

The book unveils the inside picture of the war and posts some serious indictments of Ameri-Cong Media and political bureaucrats in “the Swamp” of Washington DC who wrongfully denied benefits to the Warriors. The book delivers an unforgettable proud legacy. This book had to be written!

To read more, visit http://www.unbreakableheartsbook.com or see recently published article at http://finance.dailyherald.com/dailyherald/news/read/39431951/

In a recent conversation with Reporter Bob Gaetjens Trimmer says that the book provides a form of redemption for U.S. soldiers who served in Vietnam by redefining the Viet Cong as worthy adversaries with a tradition of military strength. More than once in their history, the Vietnamese used guerrilla tactics in the cover of the jungles to repel tough enemies, including Mongols, the author adds. 

“We don’t have to hold our heads down,” said Trimmer.

Trimmer said the U.S. didn’t prepare soldiers for an enemy with the Vietnamese pedigree for defending itself. “They never, never ever indoctrinated us and prepared us for what’s ahead,” he said.

After returning to the states Trimmer was drawn to the jungle for years. He calls the Vietnam War “the greatest adventure of my life” which is ironical given the misery of warfare and all the health problems that he suffered later. Trimmer says he took trips to South America and other places to recreate the excitement of the experience.“That was the greatest adventure we ever had,” he said. “There’s no way to go back.”

Unbreakable Hearts has received rave reviews, and the most profound praises have come from have come from high ranking VA employees, the families of Vietnam Vets and the Vets themselves, as follows:

– “Hello brother Dusty So many things you wrote about brought back memories, good and not so good… 88 straight days in the boonies being one of them. We had everything thrown at us then, we were both there then. I could hardly put your books down until I finished Thanks for giving such good renditions of the war for us, I am urged to give the VA doctors copies.” … Stephen Earp, B Co 3rd 22nd 25th Infantry Vietnam 1968-69

– “Dusty I am one of the survivors of the Ia Drang Valley Battle of 1965.Your book was a great read!, Our battle was made into a book and a movie… WE WERE SOLDIERS, featuring Lt. General Hal Moore and author Joe Galloway. I know first hand and absolutely identify with the exasperating experiences dealing with the Veterans Administration, I had almost identical experiences with service-connected illnesses. For me your reading was Deja vu. you told it exactly like it was … Patrick Stephenson, U.S. Army Vietnam 1965 

– “Hello Mr. Trimmer, as the wife of a surviving Vietnam War veteran I must thank you for stepping up to continue telling the story of this country’s tragic period which is still not told often enough, not truthfully. You can count on me purchasing your trilogy of books for my husband, myself and others in our family. (The check is in the mail) We love the Vietnamese people and I hope to take him back there before he dies. Lord willing. Semper Fi and of course WELCOME HOME!” Nancy Falster, Marine’s wife-Vietnam War vet.

– “Mr. Trimmer, I began reading your new book last evening and could not put it down. Thank you for all you have done to make people aware of the plight of our Nam veterans… I truly have a deep; interest in healing those veterans and thank you for being a compassionate-driven, honest human being. Thank you for your service.” … Robert Marcus, Ph.D. Homeless Outreach Dept of Veterans Affairs.

For more information, visit http://www.unbreakableheartsbook.com

About Earl “Dusty” Trimmer:

The image shows the author in June 1968 following a Vietnam ambush where he took a bullet through his helmet.

Earl “Dusty” Trimmer served with a highly decorated unit of the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division in the bloody years of 1968-69.He began writing his books to share the horror filled experiences of his warrior buddies in his first book “Condemned Property?” launched in December 2013. Many Vietnam vets urged him to continue writing. Despite two Ischemic Strokes and one Cerebral Vascular Stroke, leaving permanent impairments, he launched “Payback Time” in 2015 and most recently “Unbreakable Hearts”. All three chastised the VA for its shameful treatment of America’s Vietnam War veterans. Most important “Unbreakable Hearts” leaves a badly needed and much deserved… LEGACY THAT VIETNAM VETS AND FAMILY MEMBERS CAN BE PROUD OF FOR AS LONG AS THEY LIVE.”

Media persons and journalists are contacting the author for interviews. He was interviewed by ‘The Plain Dealer’, one of Ohio’s popular newspapers as this Press Release goes out.

Media Contact
Company Name: Condemned Property
Contact Person: Earl Dusty Trimmer
Email: Send Email
Phone: 330.842.0359
Address:P.O. box 141
City: Aurora
State: Ohio 44202
Country: United States
Website: http://www.unbreakableheartsbook.com/

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