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Visit 4help.org, America’s Only Directory of Nonprofit And Government Hotlines, Helplines, Web Chat and Text Chat Services

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Visit 4help.org, America’s Only Directory of Nonprofit And Government Hotlines, Helplines, Web Chat and Text Chat Services

February 22
01:00 2020
A Service of North American Help Services Alliance, Inc.

Hudson, New Hampshire – February 21, 2020 ​- North American Help Services Alliance, Inc. [“NAHSA”] was organized in the summer of 2019, to build the first directory service for local, state, regional, and national nonprofit and governmental hotline and helpline phone numbers.

NAHSA began the arduous task of building a database of America’s hotlines, helplines, text chat and web chat services with the assistance of many hardworking volunteers.

Once work began, it became clear that the task ahead was going to be a challenge. As of the date of this press release, NAHSA has added 30,000 hotlines and helplines to our database.

The lack of a directory of hotline and helpline services was not particularly obvious to the NAHSA founders until they learned of the passing of H.R.2345 – 115th Congress (2017-2018). This new, bipartisan United States Law mandated that that the FCC must allocate for use to all people residing in the United States: “…​a simple, easy-to-remember dialing code for use as a national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system [as it] ​would be in the strongest interests of individuals requiring the assistance furnished by prevention and crisis hotlines…” Without a doubt, this Law is a huge step forward for the hotline industry, However, NAHSA founders were concerned that the scope of the Law was too limited, since it addressed only a few areas of support which hotlines provide. The Law excludes hundreds of other categories of hotlines, which would also benefit from an “​easy-to-remember dialing code.”

See ​www.4help.org/hotline-helpline-categories​.

It was for this reason that NAHSA set out to build a free and easy to access directory of all (as many as possible) hotline and helpline phone numbers that could be found. The primary NAHSA mission is to make this directory easily accessible by people in need of hotline and helpline services. Callers dial ​#4Help​ ​[#44357] from their cell phones or voice & text capable ​855.4Help.org​ ​[855.443.4674] ​from any phone.

A more detailed searchable database containing all hotlines and helplines is located at www.4help.org​.

Visitors can search for the hotlines or helplines that best match their needs using a search engine. SEO and SEM do not benefit one hotline service over another, because 4Help.org does accept advertising from hotline or helpline services Search results for similar hotlines rotate, giving each hotline equal exposure. www.4help.org searchers IP addresses are used for geo-targeting their search requests thereby providing relevant nearby hotlines and helplines. Advanced search allows for targeting specific States or categories of hotlines and helplines, see https://www.4help.org/advanced-search​.

A separate database is being built for text chat and web chat services, see ​www.4help.org/search-for-text-and-web-chat​.

#4Help was built to address the needs of people in need as well as hotline and helpline services. It has been reported that new hotlines are being setup at an unprecedented rate, and also that well-known hotlines are reporting an overabundance of calls. People in need are having more difficulty connecting with hotline services. By constantly updating its directory #4Help adds new services, remove services that are no longer operational and invite hotlines to “claim their service,” so they can add their information to our database.

NAHSA believes that a well designed and branded hotline & helpline directory is the best solution to assist people in need with finding the best hotlines, including lesser known hotlines. #4Help will be sharing its plans for significant public outreach programs over the next few months. Please mark your calendars for the First Annual National Hotline Volunteers Month, coming up in October of 2020. NAHSA plans to use this opportunity to share our gratitude for the heroic work performed by hotline volunteers 24/7/365 by featuring articles and essays about their volunteer work and by giving awards to many nominated hotline volunteers. Thank you to Google for its kind Google Grant which will permit NAHSA to make significant inroads towards branding #4Help by advertising daily on Adwords. Mostly, we thank our tremendous team of volunteers.


North American Help Services Alliance, Inc is a 501(c)3 corporation. Our mission is to provide people in need with easy access to hotlines and/or helplines that best match their needs through either and online search at 4help.org or over the phone by dialing #4Help [#44357] from their cell phone [NOTE: PHONE SERVICE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE UNTIL THE SPRING OF 2020].

The 4help.org website include a wiki-style resource library being built by volunteers and members of #4Help. Membership is open to all, for free, with varying degrees of participation available.

#4Help has also found HelpUnited a project designed to assist hotlines and helplines by creating a shared resource for training, best practice development, voluntary registration and a host of other industry group activities, see www.helpunited.org

Finally, #4Help is proud to announce the creation of National Hotlines Volunteers Month, the 1st annual event will be in October of 2020.

Details about this event will be forthcoming at www.4help.org/national-hotline-volunteers-month ​

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Rob Ra20) 285-8543 – Cell Phone, or email ​[email protected]

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