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VRB Digital Asset Triangular Quantization Mode May Realize Locking of Maximum Interest Margin

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VRB Digital Asset Triangular Quantization Mode May Realize Locking of Maximum Interest Margin

October 03
00:40 2019

Recently, Bitcoin plunged from $9,700 to around $7,700, with a maximum one-day drop of 22%. In addition, with the collapse of Bitcoin, all major currencies including EOS, ETS, BCH, etc. also fell more than 20 points. The people of the market said that this is the biggest monetary disaster since September 4, 2017.

This market collapse is an indiscriminate blow to anyone in the currency circle. In the futures market, long hedging plunged billions of dollars a day. The crypto digital currency assets held by players in the spot market have also shrunk dramatically. The total market value of the entire crypto currency market has evaporated by one-fifth.

In this huge fluctuation, the most striking performance is the number of trading robots, which usually do not attract our attention. According to the data, the bitcoin price of BNB, the world’s largest crypto currency trading platform, was once broken, hitting a low price of $4,000, which is thousands of dollars higher than the current market price. Under these extreme conditions, quantitative robots can move bricks at a time without risk, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The low-key quantitative trading robot has withstood the test of extreme market conditions and has become the biggest winner except bankers. A careful study by deliberate market players shows that quantitative trading is the ultimate winner of ups and downs. Unfortunately, the threshold for quantitative trading is relatively high, and the expertise associated with arbitrage models, high-frequency trading systems, and risk-control models is not available to ordinary players or large players. Quantitative trading robots around the world belong to mysterious behind-the-scenes teams.

No matter whether it goes up or down, as long as the currency price fluctuates, the users can make a profit. The greater the volatility, the greater the profit of the quantitative transaction. This is a feature of quantitative trading. This feature is like “fish in the water” in the currency circle. Therefore, more types and better quality digital asset transactions will be offered to users in the future. VRB is the world’s largest digital asset wealth management bank, and launched the world’s first original patented triangular quantitative arbitrage model.

VRB triangulation is the use of exchange rate differences between different currencies to generate profits. After at least three differential transactions in digital currency, the amount of digital currency initially invested has increased significantly, with a yield of about 0.1. Due to the intelligence of system trading, VRB can help users find new trading currencies, new trading opportunities, tens of thousands of arbitrage per day, and it can be imagined how high the profits will be.

Compared with the traditional two-way trade quantification model, VRB’s original triangulation model is more flexible, and it can lock the biggest spread in the market through multiple hedging. VRB users should be the most profitable group of all quantitative transactions in the bitcoin downturn.

Nevertheless, as a patent and original product of VRB, the triangular quantization model has a multi-msec transaction frequency and a higher capital security for multiple hedging. It is the most ideal hedging model on the market today, but the VRB Triangle Quantitative Trading Tool is only available to users of VRB Bank.

To become a VRB Digital Asset Bank customer, simply deposit the mainstream digital currency in your wallet into the VRB Digital Asset Bank. At the same time, VRB will open your own triangular quantitative trading robot and profit from the dozens of mainstream crypto digital exchanges in the world.

The next secret digital currency market may continue to fluctuate at low levels. If the users don’t want to see their assets locked up, they may wish to save their digital assets to VRB and launch a risk-free triangular hedging model.

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