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How Stephan Kennefick’s Amazon Enterprise Consulting Turns Amazon Sellers into Six-Figure CEOs With One on One Help

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How Stephan Kennefick’s Amazon Enterprise Consulting Turns Amazon Sellers into Six-Figure CEOs With One on One Help

August 27
22:42 2019
How Stephan Kennefick\'s Amazon Enterprise Consulting Turns Amazon Sellers into Six-Figure CEOs With One on One Help

Amazon Enterprise Consulting works with Amazon sellers to help them grow their businesses to six-figure enterprises. The company, headed currently by Stephen Kennefick, helps aspiring Amazon sellers to pick golden products, market them all around the world to over 180 different countries, and establish an automated system for running the businesses. After studying at Duke University and working at a company called Data Intensity, Stephan joined Amazon Enterprise Consulting to help thousands of sellers hoping to build their business on Amazon.

We got in touch with him to know how his company is transforming the lives of sellers by providing unmatched guidance throughout the selling process.

Interviewer: Why did Amazon Enterprise Consulting start and why was the initial growth so rapid? What makes everyone love your business model compared to your competitors? 

Stephen: A.E.C started like any other company in the sense that a serious gap existed in the market. Amazon provides an unbelievable platform for sellers around the world. As of now, third-party sellers make up more than half of Amazon’s sales, exceeding retail. Jeff Bezos stressed in his last letter to shareholders that third-party sellers are absolutely critical to the growth of the company as a whole. The problem that I saw, however, was that too many people starting promoting the idea that Amazon could be used as a get rich quick scheme. These “experts” left immediately after the customer purchased and watched their clients pay the price. There was no accountability and too many people were getting burned as a result of these courses and people lost faith in the potential for selling on Amazon. Selling on Amazon is by no means a scam. I personally believe that at this moment, the best possible way to get rich and achieve your dreams is through Amazon, but I don’t see people getting there without A.E.C to guide them step by step to the right answer. A.E.C provided a totally new outlook on the opportunity and walks customers from A to Z with the whole process. People began seeing serious results because unlike our competition, we never cared about ourselves, we only cared about our clients. When our clients did well, we did well. People want to work with a company that stays with them throughout the entire process, doing the majority of the heavy lifting. We picked he products, we do the marketing, and we even put the systems in place so that eventually the company itself can run on autopilot.

Interviewer: Why makes Amazon Enterprise Consulting so great? Why are you ending up on all these different magazines and seeing such amazing results with your clients?

Stephen: What really makes any company great is its dedication to the experience of its customer. We work with and walk to the customer from step A all the way to step Z, refusing to let them fail at any point in the process. I believe that the reason so many people choose to use us as a service is that we just get results working with them one on one. We do not let our clients fail because when they fail, we fail. Everything always depends on the customer and their results are the number one priority of everyone in the company. Our general standard is to charge our clients one-tenth of the sales they get through their online business, meaning that while they get rich, we only take enough to get by. This once again shows our commitment to the customer experience above all else. As a result, our company became great not because of us, but because of the results we saw from the people we worked with. Their results showed others the potential for anyone to make a transformation in their own lives and grow rich. This happened over and over again until we started ending up on Fox, BBC, CNN, and many other news outlets.

Interviewer: How does the process that yielded such outstanding results work for clients? How do you have an almost unheard-of success rate?

Stephen: The real secret comes from a truly remarkable amount of work that we put in our end. I managed to hire the best possible team that specializes in finding winning products, easy markets to penetrate, expert marketing strategies, and optimized landing pages in order to propel our clients to the first page of the search results and keep them there. Everything that we have developed as a company makes the entire selling process very simple. I am a very data-driven person and my team is the best in the world in regard to data. Every move we make is backed by thousands of algorithms working in sync to create a clear strategy that dominates the competition. A.E.C has an incredibly high success rate because at this point, everything we do is mechanical and we adapt to every possible situation at hand. We also stand at the forefront of every single Amazon change. Our company has its headquarters in Seattle and the second anything happens with Amazon, we know about it and we are quick to adapt to any new changes.

Interviewer: How did you personally get involved with selling on Amazon?

Stephen: When I first saw Amazon I saw it more as an experiment that could be tested rather than a business. I think the reason why I clicked so well with Amazon is that I have always had a very analytical mind that does well with numbers. I eventually had a statistics professor recommend me to join an intense analysis program at the school that I participated in which helped me begin to apply the vast amount of knowledge I had to business opportunities. I then started applying different statistical processes to the Amazon selling process and I saw results that I never even imagined were possible. I boiled down an incredibly complicated process into easy steps that worked time and time again. This explains our incredibly high success rate with our clients: we leave absolutely nothing to chance and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Interviewer: What background do you have prior to Amazon and how did this help set the stage for your career as an Amazon consultant?

Stephen: Ever since I was a child, I remember wanting to help businesses grow as a consultant. I want to get to the point where I can compete with the Boston Consulting Group, Bain, and Miksney, Deloitte, and Accenture in terms of who we consult for and what we do to help companies.

I worked at a company called Data Intensity as a data analyst which helped me develop a better sense of how to sell on Amazon. My job as an analyst involved finding profitable markets for the company to expand into and finding better ways to optimize the profit model the company used. Constantly crunching numbers all day took a toll on my brain but I eventually came to realize that by forming an algorithm to solve a problem made anything simple. From that point, I started using my knowledge of big data and statistical analysis to break down markets and find easy ways to penetrate the vulnerable ones on Amazon and found it surprisingly easy to do so after practicing for a long enough time. After enough time goes by and you add more and more products, before you know it you’re making more than you could have ever hoped for with virtual assistants doing most of the heavy lifting for you. By creating a team and combining the strengths as a collective, we eventually created an exact process that almost completely eliminated the potential for failure.

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