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Alfa Chemistry Offers a Comprehensive Range of Biological Filtration Products

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Alfa Chemistry Offers a Comprehensive Range of Biological Filtration Products

June 08
15:15 2022

New York, USA – June 7, 2022 – As a proven partner providing filtration, separation, and purification solutions, Alfa Chemistry recently announced the offering of a comprehensive line of biological filtration products, covering biological detection disc, broths and reagents, cord blood products for cell therapy, reagents and chemicals, as well as sterile laboratories. All materials aim to support a wide range of biological processing applications.

The last decade has witnessed the growing acceptance and popularity of biological filtration in many fields, especially in the drinking water treatment area. Biological filtration provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to water treatment, featuring chemical-free and minimal waste production.

In order to maintain the operation of biofiltration facilities, many products are needed. Various biological filtration products available at Alfa Chemistry include:

Reagents and Chemicals

At Alfa Chemistry, a wide combination of reagents and chemicals are provided for biological filtration experiments, including cell separation/organ isolation, DNA-related reagents, electrophoresis buffers, northern and southern blottings, and RNA related reagents.

Biological Detection Disc

The testing disc technology provides an ideal solution for food processors to detect and control foodborne pathogens. Related products offered at Alfa Chemistry include testing discs for beer spoilage bacteria and thermophilic acidophilic bacteria spoilage, as well as testing plates for salmonella, campylobacter, specified microorganisms, food, and other pathogen detections.

Broths and Reagents

Alfa Chemistry supplies a wide variety of broths and reagents, for example, Fecal Coliforms M-FC Broth, Fecal Coliforms M-FC Broth with Rosolic Acid, Total Coliforms MF-Endo Broth, Fecal Streptococcus KF-Streptococcal Broth, Total Bacteria M-TGE Broth, Total Bacteria M-TGE Broth with TTC Indicator, Total Bacteria M-TGE Broth, Total Bacteria Trypticase Soy Broth, Lactobacillus sp. Orange Serum Broth, and Yeast and Mold M-Green YM Broth.

Cord Blood Products for Cell Therapy

Both cord blood bags and umbilical cord blood systems are available at Alfa Chemistry.

Sterile Laboratory

Alfa Chemistry offers disposable sterile connectors and disconnectors, as well as sterile laboratory filtration devices to ensure the quality, purity, and integrity of disposable fluid handling.

To learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s biological filtration products, please visit https://filtration.alfa-chemistry.com/products/biological-filtration-products-2694.html.

About Alfa Chemistry

Over the previous years, Alfa Chemistry has continuously extended its product list to offer various chemicals and materials. Having unparalleled expertise, Alfa Chemistry decided to amplify its strength in the filtration area and hence introduced a wide range of products and services to solve customers’ most stubborn challenges in filtration, separation, and purification. Researchers will benefit from Alfa Chemistry’s product quality, high performance, and product consistency. All are critical factors to guarantee continued success.

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