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Police Officers throughout the country eagerly await “Crypto Pension”

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Police Officers throughout the country eagerly await “Crypto Pension”

April 19
19:20 2022
Police Officers throughout the country eagerly await "Crypto Pension"
BLAZAR Token which is dubbed the crypto pension is generating much excitement among police offers throughout the USA

BLAZAR, the Native token to the Moonfuel Protocol has Police Officers throughout the Country highly anticipating the First day of trading this week.

However, they weren’t the only ones lining up for a piece of the action. Typically, once a Crypto token is deployed the developers will reach out to numerous exchanges with the hope that one will give them the opportunity to make their sales pitch and get their token listed. 

This time the tables were not only turned but flipped over on their heads. Lt. John DeSalvo, founder of BLAZAR Token stated to us, “The moment we deployed the contract my phone lit up like a Christmas Tree. Exchanges were offering us bonuses, free gifts, and various other items to entice us to list our tokens With them. I knew something weird was happening when they weren’t asking us for payment to list our token, and instead, they simply wanted their own share of BLAZAR Token as compensation.”

The average listing fee for a token on an exchange is anywhere from $100,000 to several million dollars. Yet, these platforms chose to take their chances and request BLAZAR Token instead of cash for listing fees. BLAZAR had no problem listing their token and within the first hour had fourteen different exchanges offer them listing agreements. Ultimately, they decided not to part with any of their tokens and paid cash to be listed. They will begin LIVE trading on Thursday evening 4/21 on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, along with centralized exchanges DSDAQ.io, DEXTRADE, and Coinsbit. 

Those interested in purchasing BLAZAR can set up an account and begin trading on Thursday evening. They had a miracle run these last few weeks, and somehow we think this is only the beginning for BLAZAR and its Crypto Pension.

People can Join BLAZAR’s telegram group https://t.me/blazartokengroup or email [email protected]

Media Contact
Company Name: BLAZAR
Contact Person: JOHN DeSalvo
Email: Send Email
Phone: 609-382-2223
Country: United States
Website: blazartokenproject.com

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